Wow! That’s Three Wins in a Row for Mike Pruett!

The winner of the 2023 Rochesterfest Button Contest has been announced! The victorious design for this year’s theme, “Be a Kid Again”, is a creative effort by Mike Pruett, MLT Group CEO! Mike’s button design was one of the over 100 entries received. The designs were voted on by the public via the Rochesterfest website and Facebook. For his winning design, Mike will be presented with a check for $300 at the Rochesterfest Button Kickoff event scheduled for May 24th. At that time, buttons for the 2023 Rochesterfest will be available to the public for $5 each.

Founder and CEO of MLT Group LLC

Mike is the founder and CEO of MLT Group – Creative Solutions in Rochester, MN. He oversees the team and general business operations, and works closely with designers and clients to develop engaging marketing and advertising solutions. MLT Group provides services across all media for a diverse range of clients and markets throughout the country. Mike’s talents also include the creation and editing of video and audio content. His services are in demand across the country, and many of his repeat clients feel he is truly a master at his profession.

Community Service

Mike is a firm believer in community service and continues to support and actively participate in a wide variety of community organizations in and around Rochester. Through the years, he has contributed his professional services and creative talents to the City of Rochester, Olmsted County, and many civic and private non-profit organizations.

Rochesterfest Button Winner

For those of you thinking “Hey, hasn’t Mike won this contest before?”, you’re absolutely right! This win gives Mike the distinguished honor of winning the Rochesterfest Button Contest three years in a row! Along with his winning designs in 2021 and 2022, Mike also won in 2008! That’s four winning designs — way to go, Mike! He has also helped the Rochesterfest organization in other ways, such as with the video he created for the 2023 Rochesterfest.

With his generous support, wealth of creative ability, and unparalleled commitment to community service, Mike lives and works his desire to provide the best services available and support every opportunity that comes his way with 110% of his energy and expertise.

Again, congratulations to Mike Pruett, winner of the 2023 Rochesterfest Button Design contest!