Types of Marketing Content Translated into Video Production in Rochester, MN

No matter what your business or online brand looks like, your website can benefit from increased traffic and improved search engine optimization (SEO) with the addition of video content. Visual content like images, graphics, and videos has proven time and again to be the most engaging type of digital media. The story-telling, imagery, music, and sound effects that can be incorporated into video content are able to capture attention quickly and relay rich information more effectively and with better memory retention than any other format. Text format and structural design elements have their place on any website, and they often create a foundation for an informational digital space. However, websites that supplement that text content and visual elements with video media often see overall user engagement, including traffic and conversion rates, increase by more than 100%. If you are looking to implement video content in an existing marketing campaign, into any of your website pages, or into a strategy you’re about to launch, MLT Group LLC can help. As a digital marketing agency, we provide comprehensive services for all kinds of customers with an online presence. From service companies and legal firms to manufactures and health care organizations, we offer digital marketing, web design, SEO services, social media marketing, graphic design, and complete video production for a wide variety of businesses in Rochester, MN and across the country.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a powerful strategy for user engagement. When skillfully produced, video content can catch the eye of a user as soon as they enter your landing page. It can also inform viewers directly about your company goals, mission, products, services, and more. Out of all marketing investments, the majority of site owners report that their use of video production services provides the greatest monetary return and the fastest results.

Return on Investment

For any type of marketing tactic, it’s important to understand how you get a return on your investment (ROI) and apply tools and methods effectively. Video content produces a high ROI partly because videos can provide both short and long term results, but also because they can fit into many categories. From explainer shorts to social media stories, you can use video content to fit specific needs on your site and increase your brand presence while supporting your company goals and aesthetics.

Video Production

There are several ways that marketing videos can drive user engagement. Often, websites will utilize more than one kind of video content to support sales, conversion rates, and customer relationships in general. If you’re looking to add video content to your site, you should first determine what purpose you want that media to serve. Some common examples of marketing videos include:

Brand videos:

Usually created as part of a larger marketing campaign to partner with multiple other kinds of media content, brand videos can showcase your company and highlight your mission, priorities, products, and services. Brand videos increase the general user awareness of your company’s role in specific industries, but they also help generate user engagement by presenting what makes your brand stand out from other companies that offer similar services.

Explainer videos:

Many different brands can use explainer videos to communicate quickly and efficiently to their users. Most users report that receiving information-dense messages through videos increases their retention rate, making it more likely for them to remember your brand when entering a query into the search bar or recommending products to a friend. Explainer videos answer the questions of who, what, where, when, why, and how for various aspects of your company operations or brand mission. These video formats can be used to detail products, talk about processes, profile employees, and even explain an intangible service like customer relationship management (CRM) guidance. They typically follow a script and use sensory stimulating design aspects like sound and visual effects. Learn more about explainer videos.

Demo videos:

If you provide goods and services, it might be beneficial for you to incorporate various demo videos into your website. Demo videos can display products in use, showcase design options, illustrate the advantages of your service, and more. For companies that offer services or products that aren’t physical objects or actions, such as digital support or software, demonstration videos can be key for exhibiting exactly what those more abstract ideas might be. Many users report they will favor a product with a demo video over a similar product without one.

Instructional videos:

Similar to demo videos, instructional videos can also be important components of your website or a marketing campaign. These videos can be used to explain a product, but they are also often used to build user knowledge about your company as a whole. With more foundational information about your brand’s approach to your industry, customer base, and values, users will feel more comfortable with your business practices, ethics, and solutions.


There are many potential applications for animations across your site. Outside of video content specifically, animations can be used as background design elements, buttons, drop down menus, navigation systems, and more. When it comes to using animations to build marketing videos, they can open doors to increasing your user engagement, supporting a growing brand aesthetic, and promoting a partnership with artists and creators. Animations can turn intangible goods and services, like digital systems, into visual explanation aids. They are often effective in relaying information that is important but complex to a wider audience of users. Additionally, while animation can be an expensive proposition, the advent of white board videos and related animation styles has provided a less expensive way to effectively utilize animation.

Testimonials and statistics:

One video format that can be the most effective in gaining user trust and exemplifying your authority over your goods and services is with testimonials, expert interviews, and statistics. If you have access to internal experts, such as company leaders, makers, or project managers, you can generate interview videos with those employees that both explain products more thoroughly and give reassurance to your audience. Testimonials from your current customers or audience can also be effective in giving a third-party view into the quality of your brand. Both expert interviews and testimonials also pair nicely with clear, genuine statistics.

Live streams:

While many videos for marketing purposes are highly curated, edited, and polished, there are many benefits to using social media for a more casual discourse with your audience. Video production of Live streams on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms can give your audience a behind-the-scenes view into your brand. These more intimate videos also support direct dialogs with your users in a space that may be more comfortable for them to interact with comments, likes, and reactions in real time. Live streams can be used for many purposes, such as event reels, presentations, interviews, employee profiles, product highlights, and more.

Comprehensive Services

Whether you need the support of a quality brand video to give your site a boost towards a more sophisticated and professional appearance, or you want to start developing demo or instructional videos for your products, our team of skilled marketing experts can help. MLT Group offers comprehensive services for video production in Rochester, MN and across the US, including added benefits like our 4K drone technology and graphics design expertise.

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