MLT Group Welcomes Tori Utley!

Tori MLTMeet Tori Utley: Communications & SEO Specialist

MLT Group is excited to announce the addition of Tori Utley to our team as a Communications & SEO Specialist.

Tori received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Addiction Studies from Liberty University in December 2012. She is  currently working to complete her MBA, specializing in Project Management and Marketing. Her experience includes a  background in chemical dependency counseling, working with international and executive patients at Mayo Clinic, and project management at Mission 21, a local non-profit organization. As MLT Group’s Communications & SEO  Specialist, Tori focuses on search engine optimization, marketing research, and other post-production duties, including  social media.

In her free time, Tori plays the guitar. In fact, she wrote a 4-song record with the acoustic band “Tomorrow We Live” which  you can check out here. She is a self-proclaimed coffee snob and coffee-tasting enthusiast (black coffee all the way!) and is  normally seen around the office with a cup of Moka in her hand. Speaking of The Office, Tori has seen every episode of the  television series and has a serious fascination with the character Michael Scott. Welcome to MLT Group, Tori!