Graphic Design in Minneapolis by MLT Group

Build your brand with graphics that reflect the quality of your organization

Your brand image is the frontline of your marketing and can help tell the story of your business or organization. Maximize its potential with MLT Group’s professional graphic design services.

Distinguish your organization with a recognizable and appealing brand image. Across your communications, you have opportunities to build brand recognition: websites, social media, logos, packaging, tradeshow materials, videos, and more. Take full advantage of these spaces with clear, consistent, and attractive designs.

Our full-service capabilities will ensure you look great across all of your print and digital media. Call MLT Group today for a free initial marketing consultation!

Graphic Design Services for All of Your Needs


Your logo is your company’s hardest working graphic. MLT Group will design a logo that reflects the quality of your organization and establishes an image you’ll be proud to display.

Branding and Identity Systems

Share a consistent and professional image with branding and identity services from MLT Group. Our graphic designers will create a flexible system of design elements to convey a custom look and feel for your organization. From your website’s homepage to your business card and letterhead, ensure your brand is unique and memorable.


As a full-service design agency, MLT Group’s graphic design expertise includes print design. We’ve designed brochures, tradeshow banners, posters, and more. Count on our experienced designers to make your print materials look great. We also have experience working with a wide variety of printers. We can help connect you with the right printer for your project, and our “print ready” consulting and communication with printers on behalf of your project is included.


MLT Group has designed the packaging for boutique, national, and international products. We can help you hit the shelves or fill your eCommerce shop with professional, informative, and eye-catching packaging.


MLT Group produces animations for everything from instructional and corporate videos to TV commercials and whiteboard animation presentations. Get technical or be creative: animation opens a wide range of possibilities for engagement with your market. Our animation services are always high quality and cost conscious.

Contact MLT Group to begin your graphic design project today!