Content Development for 2020: Why You Need to Start Planning Now

More content is being pushed online than ever before. Competition grows tighter, digital consumers are savvier, and Google’s algorithms get smarter. To actually get a decent ROI on your digital marketing these days, your business needs smart content development. Here’s what smart content development for 2020 means: Actions Research-driven strategizing Compelling writing Competitive SEO Promotion

Building Citations Boosts Influence and Digital Marketing Power

Even the newest online business owner can imagine that the more places their website URLs appear online, the better the chance they have of getting noticed. However, spreading links all over the web without a plan makes as much sense as dropping leaflets from an airplane to advertise a new restaurant. In order to get

How to Decide if You Need a Website Redesign

Have you been thinking about doing a website redesign? If you have, there’s a lot to consider. You have to think about budget. You have to consider whether or not you’ll use a custom web designer or template solutions offered by companies like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. In the changing marketing landscape of 2019 and

B2C Marketing 101: How to Attract and Acquire More Customers

Does b2c marketing require a different skill set and strategy than b2b marketing? Yes and no. Marketing has foundations you should learn regardless of the type of business you run. Once you master those, it’s important to learn the difference and nuance that comes with your niche. Most business owners run into the same problem.

Top 12 Digital Marketing Tips for 2019

Digital marketing constantly changes and evolves. To ensure your business stays competitive, incorporate new digital marketing techniques with each new year. We’ve put together our top 12 Digital Marketing Tips to help you grow your site traffic, convert more visitors to leads, and build a brand people know, like, and trust.   #1 – Build

Marketing Tactics You Can Use to Grow Your Business in 2019

Marketing tactics make for a double-edged sword. One the one hand, the right marketing tactic can help you grow your business. On the other hand, marketing tactics can become a waste of time. So how do you choose the right one? In today’s guide, we’re going to walk you through different marketing tactics to help

SEO Question of the Day: Which Kind of Hits Does Google Analytics Track?

Which kinds of hits does Google Analytics track? This is a simple question on the3 surface that has many different answers. Google Analytics is a software created by Google to track different user metrics on your website. Many marketers and business owners don’t use GA to their full benefits. Doing so can give you insights you

Manufacturing Marketing: How to Promote Industrial Companies the Right Way

Manufacturing marketing has a ton of room for growth and potential. Why? Because most manufacturers, machining companies, and engineering companies aren’t great at marketing their own businesses. This is understandable. If you work in or own one of these types of businesses, you know this truth: time is of the essence. You have to meet