SEO Services by MLT Group – Rochester, MN

Drive high-quality traffic and generate more leads with search engine optimization

Want to stand out in the search results? Want higher quality inbound leads? The first two search results on Google typically receive over 50% of clicks on average. Grab and hold onto that traffic with smart SEO services from MLT Group a Rochester, MN company.

We know the power of organic SEO; that’s why we’ll make it the heart of your optimization campaign with MLT Group. We create websites with search engine friendly coding and structure, fantastic user experience, keyword-driven metadata, and compelling original content that’s keyword-targeted and useful for searchers. MLT Group also strategically deploys search engine marketing (SEM) tools like pay-per-click ads across a variety of platforms when appropriate. The tools are available, and our experienced team will craft the right search engine optimization and search engine marketing answers to suit your needs.

Your website is the one piece of the internet you completely control. Maximize its value with SEO services from MLT Group in Rochester, MN. Contact us today for a free site audit. Don’t miss out on expert analysis at no cost!

In-Depth SEO Services 

Onsite SEO

What’s the point of having a beautiful and robust website if no one finds it? We build each site from the ground up with the best practices for SEO. That means a clean sitemap, keyword-driven metadata, and optimized content. Your site will also be mobile-responsive and quick to load, two essentials for today’s internet. Your onsite SEO is the foundation of your organic search optimization strategy. Coupled with ongoing SEO Development services, onsite SEO is what your site needs to succeed.

Already have a fast, well-designed site but still need Search Engine Optimization? We can provide onsite and ongoing SEO development for your existing site as well.

SEO Development

MLT Group’s SEO services boost your site’s ranking power, and better ranking on search engines drives traffic. Keyword research into your business, competitors, and searchers sets the groundwork. Then our ongoing monthly services run the gamut from metadata optimization and content development to link and citation building that’s geared to leapfrog your site above competitors.

Local SEO

Local SEO ensures that customers in your area can easily find your business. MLT Group ensures that your business information, like hours and location, are correct and consistent across major channels online. We also work to geotarget your website and content so that you rank higher in the locations most important to your business.


We strategically deploy search engine marketing (SEM) tools, like pay-per-click ads, when appropriate. SEM ensures that your business gets visibility even for the most competitive searches.


“Retargeting” ads display to potential customers after they search for a relevant product or service, or after they’ve visited your site. For example, if you search for Samsung TVs, you’re likely to see Samsung ads online afterward. We can help you harness retargeted ads to get your product or service in front of people who have already expressed interest.

Ad Design

MLT Group’s designers will create attractive and professional digital ads to grab attention on the web. Your advertisements will be targeted for specific audiences, feature strong calls to action, and fit the strengths and limitations of whichever platform they’re delivered on.

Content Development

Our content development services set our affordable SEO services apart. We’ll create content like consistent SEO optimized blog posts and deep dive pages that are designed to drive traffic to your website by achieving enviable ranking on Google and other search engines. Rank higher for the keywords most important to your business with content that’s more consistent and more useful to users than what the competition is putting out.

Citations & Link Building

The right backlinks and citations build your website’s credibility in the eyes of Google and other search engines. MLT Group uses white-hat techniques to establish quality backlinks and citations for your site – a key component in boosting your site’s ranking power.