Marketing Job Shadow Opportunities for Students

Gain Valuable Marketing Experience and Earn Extra Cash

MLT Group has a longstanding tradition of supporting the next generation of marketing professionals. To that end we offer virtual job shadow opportunities in digital marketing that provide students with valuable behind-the-scenes insights, portfolio opportunities, and extra cash via commissions. Here’s how it works.

1. Carefully read the information on this page so you understand the details of the program.

2. Contact our Director of Operations, Theo St. Mane at to let us know you’re interested. We will answer all of your questions and help you with the next steps of identifying a potential project.

3. Identify a digital marketing project (website design, search engine optimization, eCommerce store, etc.) and get information from us to help you pitch it to the relevant business.

4. When the project goes to contract you’ll earn a commission on the sale (6% of one-time project costs up to $1,800) and be invited to job shadow our professional team in each step of the development process (as below).

  • Discovery Meeting with client – Shadow the project manager and designer
  • Strategy Development – shadow the marketing team (project manager, designer, SEO specialist, etc.)
  • Design Consultation – Be included in the design process as it unfolds
  • Design Review – Hear what the art director and the client have to say about the design and see the revisions
  • Content Development – Shadow the content manager as they work with the client, an SEO specialist, and writers to bring the content needs to life
  • Content Review – Be in the loop with the editors and client as they review the content
  • Build Out – Shadow the development team as they build out the solution using the latest techniques and tools
  • Pre-launch Testing – See the importance of solution testing
  • Post Launch Report – Finally, be in on the wrap up of a successful project


5. Take aways include insider knowledge regarding each step and discipline in the process. We will hold nothing back. You’ll be privy to all the “how tos” of the project you bring in. On top of which you’ll earn a commission on the sale of the project you champion, even though our sales staff will do the heavy lifting of scoping, proposal, and contract writing.

So what do you say? Ready to augment your learning with a job shadow opportunity that puts you ahead of the experience curve? Give us a shout at and we’ll get you started.