Social Media Services

Strategy Development

MLT Group will craft and deliver a social media marketing strategy that suits your organization and its online market. You’ll know which platforms to invest time and money into. You’ll know what messages to share with which audiences. You’ll head into the noisy fray of social media with a plan, purpose, and clear goals.

Ad Design

Our graphic designers craft eye-catching advertisements and posts to encourage scrolling social media users to pause and look. With full-service capabilities and years of experience, MLT Group ensures that your ads look great wherever they are delivered. Capture attention and clicks on social media with carefully crafted messages and designs.

Posting and Monitoring

MLT Group offers services for regularly posting on and monitoring your social media accounts. Ensure your social media presence is consistent and responsive with a team of communicators dedicated to the task. Build an audience and be alerted to timely opportunities for customer engagement on social media.

Reputation Building

Managing your reputation online is becoming increasingly necessary, especially if you’re B2C. With MLT Group’s reputation building and management services, you can rest easier. We’ll encourage and solicit positive reviews, alert you to negative ones for response, and monitor the web for mentions of your organization.

Video Content

MLT Group’s video production services produce high-quality video at affordable rates, and video reigns supreme on social media. Work with MLT Group to set your social media feed apart with engaging video content. As a web development company, we’ll also ensure the video is optimized for easy and accessible use online and by mobile users.